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A Proposal of Punctuation

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I am proposing something that is both a cultural and a punctuation change. I do this not for the hopes of profit or fame, but instead, for the good of people everywhere.

I think that instead of having people stressing over the exact wording of something, we instead allow:

[[Statement of actual message]]

Upon reading something that is bracketed like such, the reader will automatically fill in all the flowery speech that makes the message as intended. Think of how much time and effort this will save!

I know that this seems a little unclear, so let me give an example. Think of how much time it would take to craft:

Dear Kim, it has been an honor and a privilege to have known you for these past few months. I have treasured the times that we have spent together, and have always found it a great comfort to know that whenever I want to see you I can look out my window as you sleep in your car to “watch out” for me. Nonetheless, I think our time is not now; it is in the past, or in the future, or in an alternate timeline, or maybe a different planet; in any event, it is not for mortal man to know. I think that we need to follow the dictates of our inexorable will and separate for a time, as a seed may separate from the flower, so that we can each find the right soil for us, and blossom, and bloom; and perhaps, at some time in the future, if I make a mistake and we happen to find soil on the same continent, our roots may again intertwine.


Dear Kim,
[[romantic flowery speech here]]
[[gentle breakup message here]]
[[implication-laden paragraph that communicates that I never want to see you again, and that I would like you to obey the court order]]
[[tender closing that leaves you not wanting to stalk me, like you did your last boyfriend]]

Tell me that’s not better! Same message communicated, much more efficiently, and if the recipient does their job with regards to the double-bracketed items, it is written perfectly for the intended audience.

[[hilarious side-story here]]

[[clever segue into touching story that compels you, if female, to want to have my babies]]

[[funny yet bittersweet closing here that has you smiling wistfully for the rest of the day]]


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