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Ad-hoc Wireless on Chromebooks / Dell CB 13

 |  chromeos reviews

Doing Nanowrimo again, and had given away my Toshiba CB 2 to someone who could use it more than me, so instead picked up a refurbished Dell CB 13 (i3, 4GB, 32GB SSD) on sale from the Dell depot. What an amazing machine. A beautiful 1920x1080 screen, keyboard that is backlit and has nice tactile feedback, a trackpad that is silky smooth and feels as good as the Mac trackpads, and overall the machine performs really well (Octane about 20k).


Nanowrimo 2015

 |  writing nanowrimo

Doing Nanowrimo again this year. A friend had challenged me to a Nanowrimo tontine, in which everyone puts in a quantity of money, and everyone who finishes gets to take out of the pot. So, it’s like a tontine but hopefully less likely to engender cunning murder plots, and the inherent competition / challenge was enough to get me to sign up. This is my third time around, and I’ve got this to a more-or-less repeatable process, at least for the way I write and my particular strengths.


Literate Programming

 |  coding literate

I’ve always been interested in literate programming, perhaps because I both enjoy writing and coding, but in truth I suspect that it is somewhat a mirage; perhaps because it’s difficult to write, and difficult to code, and the domains do not necessarily map between each other cleanly, and asking someone to do both of them may be more than is reasonable. This is probably why people that can write well about coding are so beloved; the intersection area in that Venn diagram is not overly spacious.