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Tethering an iPhone with SSH and Windows 7

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I don’t need to tether through my iPhone — I always seem to be near a hotspot — but nonetheless I thought that spending 10 minutes to set it up was worth it, because when you need tethering, you really need tethering. If you’re willing to drop \$10 bucks there are a couple of apps in Cydia that can do this easy (PhoneModem and MyWi, I think), but I just wanted something that I could use in an emergency.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that there were some good guides on how to do it, it turned out there were a few gotchas, and it took significantly longer than 10 minutes. So, in the hopes that I can save someone else the time:

Use this guide, but:


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kira | 2011-04-07 10:51:53
Hey thanks a lot for the info sure saved me time and gave me a basis to work with my Ithouch and Internet.
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