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Received another ticket tonight.

Really, this is getting ridiculous. What makes this particularly bad is that I was going exactly 65. I mean, it was late (10pm) on 85N, and really, you don’t speed in that sort of situation anyways. I was driving along, windows down, enjoying life, when I saw a policeman pull behind me.

I checked my speed, and I wasn’t too bothered, because I knew that I was going the speed limit. I wasn’t even too bothered when he pulled me over, figuring it must be a mistake.

“Officer?” I said, very confused.

“I clocked you doing 82,” he replied.

Life stinks, sometimes. I mean, I always fess up when I’m going over the speed limit, figuring that being a policeman ranks as one of the all time suckiest jobs in the universe. Nonetheless, with the massive amount of points on my record, I’ve been trying to be good… and I was driving exactly the speed limit… and I still get pulled over!

I have to say it: I was framed!


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