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Switching to Wordpress

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Switched this over to Wordpress 1.5.

There’s an old joke about a programmer that decides to write a book, so he goes through and buys a printing press, selects the typeface, buys a binding machine, searches the world over for just the right paper with just the right color, and after getting all of that stuff set up in his basement, realizes that he has nothing to write about.

Blosxom was like that: it was so easy to get caught up in novelty of setting it up and modifying it that it distracted me from actually writing about anything. Not that Blosxom wasn’t great – it appealed to me immensely, with a very sparse and elegant approach to a blog. The problem is that while I like “sparse” and “elegant,” it becomes slightly more of a pain when I need to add trackbacks or on-line/e-mail article submission or anything else that wasn’t in the basic Blosxom set, and it turned into a timesuck. Things were not made easier by the fact that I’ve been working in Python lately, and as a result all the Perl has leaked out of my head.

The other thing is that Blosxom is really kind of a side hobby for the developer, and, as a result, does not get updated very often; it may in fact be completely stalled now. So, time to move to a different piece of software that is maybe larger and less elegant, but also doesn’t demand most of my time.


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