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Small Town Papers

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I love small town papers. They have such odd mixes of the banal and the esoteric, mixing major news with local events in a truly bizarre stew with a dash of sometimes questionable editing.

Pope calls for sex
summitFor example, the Palo Alto Daily News is shown to the left, reporting on the liberalization of the Catholic church. Man, ever since Vatican II[1], everything has gone to hell. I mean, I think it’s bad enough that some priests are having more sex than I am, and then the Pope goes and calls for a sex summit of his own.

Also on the front page — just under the main headline! — is the article “Vet will check if ball struck rabbit.” A baby rabbit wandered onto a golf course… died as a result of an injury to its eye… and now they’re going to autopsy it. Because there’s a lawsuit pending? Because PETA and the SPCA are in arms? No, just because… they want to know, I guess.

I love furry animals as much as the next person, but isn’t this a bit ridiculous?

[1] Vatican II halted the use of Latin in church services.


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