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Nano Rant

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Long Nanowrimo rant here.

On Friday, I worked on my novel. Ah, my novel.

I think I’ve mention in scathing terms how I feel about doing a romantic comedy. Nonetheless, even though every word is forced out with blood, I’ve managed to keep up fairly well, even hitting 25,000 words on Saturday, exactly to schedule.

But, I’m hitting the same problem this year that I did two years ago: at the beginning of Nano, 50k words seems like so many that everything is very wordy, very loquacious, and there’s the constant worry that the really cool scene that you had in your head is only going to be about 300 words, and therefore needs to be padded out with extraneous characters, violent events, and whatnot.

By midpoint in the novel, though, you’re realizing that 50k words actually isn’t a lot of words, and you’ve got to bring down a plane filled with all these extraneous characters and violent events onto a runway that’s only 25k long, and maybe that’s just not enough. I mean, you can start out with “The tidal wave loomed in the distance,” but then resolving the effects of that tidal wave can take a heck of a lot of words.

But, in the end, I’m not entirely happy with the thing: I had envisioned a sweet, romantically touching comedy, but instead what I’ve got is three or four funny scenes interspersed with filler. And the romance? The romance is dead, or was never there.

Ah, well, I’ll fix it in the rewrite.


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