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Nano Get Together

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Nanowrimo get together in Cupertino.

I made it there late, and I walk into the back of Coffee Society and the place is absolutely packed with writers, all writing away. There were a few other people that were working intently on their stuff and looking around, wondering what the hell was happening and why all these people with laptops knew each other.

Managed to write like a crazy person while people around me engaged in various conversations. I sat next to Heather, who was engaged in a conversation with an earnest young man who was detailing the relationship that he had with his girlfriend. Everyone kept passing by me, looking down, and saying, “That’s really small,” but fortunately they were talking about my computer. I did not mention to them that it was only a little larger than a Harry Potter book and had way more storage.

The nice thing about doing a romantic comedy (and, there are so few nice things about doing a romantic comedy) is that oftentimes people conversations give me material that I can use in the novel. As an example, one brief snippet of conversation that I had:

Him: My girlfriend and I have issues.
Me: Well, lots of people have issues after a year.
Him: No, these are serious issues.

Really, if you just pay attention, the dialogue is almost written for you.


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