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Frightening Web Sites

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The Beef Association has launched a web site to get young, teenage girls to eat more meat. I’m not kidding. It has fun activities like chat boards, party invitations, and such choice advice as:

Busy “real girls” need smart food choices for nutrition-on-the-run. Here are a few quick, easy and tasty combos — guaranteed to give an energy boost for rollerblading, homework, music lessons, dance classes — and everything else you love to do:

  • A tortilla wrap with slices of lean roast beef and Swiss cheese
  • A barbeque beef sandwich on a roll, an apple or fresh juice
  • A bowl of chili with cornbread muffin and water and pepper strips
  • A taco salad with strips of lean beef and an orange
  • An English muffin pizza with ground beef crumbles and melted cheese

I also loved the games they included that just happen to mention meat:

Where does it stop? No doubt the beef council pays young boys to lurk in the chat halls of the web site, cajoling young girls into a high-fat, cancer-causing diet:

DiZzIe: 18/f
Drumstick: 19/b. what u doing?
DiZzIe: hanging wif friends. u?
Drumstick: eating big juicy hamburger. mmmm! u should have one. lol
DiZzIe:: lol
Drumstick: i luv girls that eat hamburgers. lol.

Okay, maybe not. But it is hard to imagine the thought process that goes into the creation of web sites like this. I mean, money was spent on this thing. I imagine some offsite somewhere where a bunch of normally intelligent people looked at market trends, saw the limited penetration among young teenage girls, saw that young vegetarians grow up to be older vegetarians… and then deciding to hit the problem head on.

Spam I Get

Paragraph from Russian mail-order-bride site:

American women can have attitudes that are difficult to deal with. They are often demanding and hard to please. Russian women on the other hand are so unspoiled. In many less-developed countries, like countries of the former Soviet Union, women have a much lower social status than men. Russian men are often abusive and disrespectful toward women. This is what Russian women are used to. Compared to that, the life you can give her will make her so happy and grateful. Russian women tend to be devoted adoring wives.

Good lord! How could any of these marriages ever work? From the male’s point of view, how would you know that the woman wanted to be with you as opposed to just using you for a green card? From a woman’s point of view, well, I guess you would just know that the man wanted you for companionship and sex and not necessarily because of your inner beauty, but maybe that’s an acceptable trade to live in America.


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