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Fujitsu Lifebook 5000P

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Got a new notebook today. Please excuse the capitalistic ranting below.

It seems a little extravagant, but nonetheless I needed one, especially with this project that I’ve been working on. A couple of weeks ago I had a brief fling with a Compaq notebook, but returned it two weeks later — it was just absolutely horrible, had many glitches and problems and swapped keys when you typed too fast.

So, I researched, with the problem being that a) I was researching something that I have strong opinions on, and b) there are many options out there, so I ended up using entirely too many cycles and head space in thinking about the laptop that I was going to get. Finally I settled on a relatively lesser-known brand, Fujitsu, and I got a teeny tiny little computer:

But, really, it’s hard to visualize this, so I compared it to a common referent point:

It’s a little bigger, but MUCH thinner. Weight wise is hard to tell, since I don’t have an accurate scale, but I have to give the nod to the Harry Potter book, it seems much lighter. But: the Harry Potter book has about 900 pages, with each page having about 2k worth of text; so, when you look at it, the Harry Potter book only has about 2M of storage, whereas my new computer has 60gb � much more.

On the other hand, the Harry Potter book is much more robust, and could easily be used if you needed to sit a little higher in your chair, or to level a table, whereas you wouldn’t do that with the computer because you’d probably damage it.

So, all in all, I’d have to say that they’re about even. But at least I’m happy with both purchases.


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